13 02 2009
  • What is Gr8Offers.in ?

“Gr8Offers” is a site dedicated to providing its customers exclusive deals and offers negotiated by us for You from various brands/companies .The offers are updated on an alternate day basis with max of 15 offer adverts per category.

  • How does it differ from any other classifieds/shopping websites ?

“Gr8Offers” is not a shopping or classifieds portal. We provide information on the various discount deals advertised by our clients. We do not profit financially by you deciding to choose any of the products offered here,Hence we make it our purpose to offer the biggest deals and discounts to our users.

  • What kind of Offers does this portal provide ?

“Gr8Offers” publishes discounts, offers & e-coupons of various companies in categories comprising Clothing, Electronics, Dining, Real Estate, Stores/Outlets, Travel and Accessories.More categories will be added on a later stage.

  • What is the reach of this portal ?

“Gr8Offers” is a pan-India portal , initially focused on metros of India such as Mumbai,Pune,Bangalore,Chennai,Kolkata and Cochin.

  • How does “Gr8Offers” make any money ?

“Gr8Offers” makes revenue by providing offer adverts to its clients at a nominal rate for a period ranging from one month to an year. Only 15 offer adverts will be accepted for each category at a time.

  • What is unique in Offer Adverts ?

“Gr8Offers” has a unique proposition in publishing adverts. Since only 15 offer adverts are accepted for a month,You get a much better visibility in terms of the deals contained in various categories.The adverts are rotated so that each offer gets the top most position for atleast 2 days in a month.These deals are updated on an alternate day basis according to the wishes of our clients,thus a New Deal/Offer is published every 2nd Day.